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Top 25 Football and Basketball school

Demetrius Dew

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Best of Both World's

The Top 25 football and basketball programs since 1974

1. Oklahoma (108.5 football, 35.5 basketball, 144 total points)

The buzz: Oklahoma has won four national titles in football (1974, 1975, 1985 and 2000) and reached the championship game in 2003 and 2004. The Sooners also reached the 1988 NCAA basketball final and reached the Final Four in 2002.

2. Michigan (90.5 football, 45.5 basketball, 136 total points)

The buzz: Michigan and Florida are the only schools on the list with at least one national title in each sport. The Wolverines won the NCAA basketball tournament in 1989 and captured a share of the national football title in 1997.

3. North Carolina (20 football, 106.5 basketball, 126.5 total points)

The buzz: The Tar Heels had back-to-back top-10 finishes under Mack Brown in 1996 and 1997 to go along with their three national basketball titles.

4. (tie) Ohio State (94.5 football, 28 basketball, 122.5 total points)

The buzz: All those championship game appearances added up, even if the Buckeyes lost all of them other than that 2002 national title in football.

4. (tie) Florida (80.5 football, 42 basketball, 122.5 total points)

The buzz: Florida is the only school with multiple national titles in each sport since 1974. The back-to-back defending national basketball champions also won football titles in 1996 and 2006 and reached Final Fours in 1994 and 2000.

6. Florida State (111 football, 10 basketball, 121 total points)

The buzz: This traditional football power had just enough basketball points to qualify, though the Seminoles' absence from the NCAA Tournament since 1998 made them ineligible for the BCS-era list.

7. UCLA (38 football, 74.5 basketball, 112.5 total points)

The buzz: We started our timeline for this contest at the tail end of UCLA's basketball dynasty, which kept the Bruins from ranking higher on our list.

8. Alabama (85.5 football, 25.5 basketball, 111 total points)

The buzz: The Tide had one regional final appearance and seven more Sweet 16 berths to go along with their three national titles in football (1978, 1979 and 1992).

9. Notre Dame (65 football, 27 basketball, 92 total points)

The buzz: The Irish won the 1977 and 1988 national titles in football, finished second in the AP poll in 1989 and 1993 and reached a Final Four in 1978.

10. Texas (60.5 football, 27 basketball, 87.5 total points)

The buzz: The Longhorns have one Final Four appearance and have finished 16th or better in the final AP football poll 17 times since 1974, including their 2005 championship season.

11. Arkansas (34.5 football, 52 basketball, 86.5 total points)

The buzz: Arkansas has finished in the top 16 of the final football poll 11 times to go along with one national title, one runner-up finish and two other Final Four appearances in basketball.

12. Syracuse (22 football, 61 basketball, 83 total points)

The buzz: Syracuse won the 2003 national title in basketball, lost the championship game in 1987 and 1996 and went unbeaten in football in 1987.

13. LSU (51.5 football, 31 basketball, 82.5 total points)

The buzz: LSU has won two national titles in football (2003 and 2007) and has reached three Final Fours in basketball (1981, 1986 and 2006).

14. Louisville (13.5 football, 67 basketball, 80.5 total points)

The buzz: Louisville's Orange Bowl championship and No. 6 finish last season gave this basketball power enough points in football to qualify for the list.

15. Georgia (65 football, 11.5 basketball, 76.5 total points)

The buzz: Georgia's 1983 Final Four appearance helped give this traditional football power enough basketball points to make this list.

16. Tennessee (60 football, 15.5 basketball, 75.5 total points)

The buzz: Plenty of early NCAA Tournament exits kept the Vols from ranking higher despite their 1998 national title in football.

17. Michigan State (19.5 football, 53.5 basketball, 73 total points)

The buzz: The Spartans have won two national titles in basketball (1979 and 2000) and have reached the Final Four on three other occasions (1999, 2001 and 2005).

18. Arizona (13.5 football, 55.5 basketball, 69 total points)

The buzz: Arizona has one national basketball title (1997), one loss in the championship game (2001), two other Final Four appearances (1988 and 1994) and a fourth-place finish in the 1998 AP football poll.

19. Auburn (53 football, 12.5 basketball, 65.5 total points)

The buzz: The Tigers have one Elite Eight appearance (1986) and three Sweet 16 berths (1985, 1999 and 2003) to go along with their long list of football achievements.

20. Maryland (20 football, 42 basketball, 62 total points)

The buzz: The 2002 NCAA Tournament champions have finished 16th or better in the AP football poll six times since 1974.

21. Washington (47.5 football, 11 basketball, 58.5 total points)

The buzz: The Huskies won a share of the 1991 national title in football and finished second in the nation in 1984.

22. Iowa (28.5 football, 26 basketball, 54.5 total points)

The buzz: No school on this list has its scoring as balanced between the two sports as Iowa, which reached the Final Four in 1980 and finished in the top 16 in the AP football poll nine times since 1974.

23. Pittsburgh (38.5 football, 15.5 basketball, 54 total points)

The buzz: The Panthers won the 1976 national football title and would have ranked higher on this list if they hadn't endured so many earlier-than-expected exits from the NCAA Tournament.

24. BYU (37.5 football, 13 basketball, 50.5 total points)

The buzz: The Cougars' 1984 national title in football and Danny Ainge's memorable basket in 1981 helped make BYU the lone non-BCS school on this list.

25. Illinois (11.5 football, 37 basketball, 48.5 total points)

The buzz: Illinois has reached two Final Fours (1989 and 2005) and has played in two Rose Bowls (the 1983 and 2007 seasons) in the past quarter-century.

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This is the Formula used to give the point value.



Share of National Title = 10 points

Runner-up = 7 points*

Top 4 ranking = 5 points

No. 5-8 = 3 points

No. 9-16 = 2 points

Bowl win, outside top 16 = 1 point

Bowl loss, outside top 16 = 0.5 points


National Title = 10 points

Runner-up = 7 points

Final Four = 5 points

Elite Eight = 3 points

Sweet 16 = 2 points

Round of 32 = 1 points

First-round loss (since 1979) = 0.5 points

* - In the pre-BCS era, the No. 2 team in the AP poll was awarded the 7 points. However, during the BCS era, the BCS title game loser was awarded 7 points.

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I wonder if you have to have so many points in each sport in order to qualify for this list... Kentucky has 84 in basketball alone according to this criteria, with an additional 6 in football... That would put them at #10, but it looks like you gotta have at least 10 points in each sport to qualify...

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