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It's Primary Eve In Georgia


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I will vote for Obama tomorrow. I'm confident Hillary is capable, however I believe Obama is the better choice to move the country in a positive direction. I don't agree with him completely, but I am *more* in agreement with him on research, healthcare, telemedicine, education.

Plus, the drama surrounding a Clinton in office is a distraction and counterproductive.

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BigSlick (2/4/2008)
Twinblade (2/4/2008)
I'm voting for Ron Paul.....oh snap I better shut up before I get called a "Cult" follower [sarcasm]

Looking at your avatar and signature, that wouldn't be a stretch...I don't think.

lmao, is this supposed to be some kind of insult to who I listen to? I guess I can't vote because I listen to real music aka The Underground

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