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Falcons' next quarterback should not have a Girlfriend


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We need to make sure that whoever we have as a QB should definitely not have a girlfriend or if they do make him get married as soon as possible.

Tony Romo + Jessica Simpson = Loss in Playoffs/Regular Season Games

Tom Brady + Gisele Bundchen = Loss in Super Bowl

Peyton and Eli Manning are dorks. (Wins the SUPER BOWL!)

Actually Peyton is married and Eli is engaged.

Something to think about. They are stable, the other two aren't.

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vickdunn07011 (2/4/2008)
dirtybird7181 (2/4/2008)
Does Peyton and Eli have a little brother who is a QB?

If so, lets draft him... so far the Manning boys are 2 for 2 in Super Bowls

Cooper plays WR and I think he has some kind of injury that forced him to quit playing football

You are correct. Cooper Manning had a debilitating back problem, but before he was diagnosed, he was projected to be a terrific WR and actually was the better athlete out of all 3 sons.

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Not to worry... Harrington is already married. She is HOT, but shouldn't be a problem. I know none of us want to believe it, but with the Falcons getting Mularkey and keeping Joeys friend Musgrave (Oregon QB) as the QB coach, They may REALLY consider keeping him!!!!

I know this isn't popular, but I for one am NOT on the Chris Redman bandwagon. If we do not acquire a top level free ageny QB and just draft a kid who isn't ready to take the position soon..... We do NOT have a QB who is capable of being a top shelf QB. I hate to say it, but I don't think Redman is any better than Joey despite his decent performance the last two games of the year.

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Joey Harrington has issues. His arm strength really is suspect. I didn't want to believe it, but he underthrew all the long balls.

Chris Redman has a little better arm strength than Joey, and you saw it with Roddy's deep route catches.

Chris Redman as Starter, Let rookie sit and watch for a year and we are good to go. By the way we didn't get the YKW money back, so I think Joey and Byron will give us a little money to work with if we let them go.

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