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Lessons Learned From the Superbowl


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1. Great defensive line play elevates the defense more than anything else, and is the key to a greate defense.

The Giants DBs are below average. Their LBs are average. Their D-Line is tremendous. By continually getting in the QB's face they took the pressure off the DBs & LBs and thus elevated their play.

2. Solid blocking is the key to a great offense.

I started to say offensive line play, but you have to add in the great job the Giant's RBs did in picking up the blitz also. The excellent run & pass blocking by the Giants was as key to elevating Eli's play as anthing Eli did.

3. Poor blocking can make even the best offensive skill players look bad.

There's no questioning Brady's ability, but even he was unable to function without adequate pass blocking. Maroney averaged 4.5 yards per carry during the season, yet could only muster 36 yards on 14 carries (a 2.6 yard avg.) The Pat's exposive receivers were reduced to running dink & dunk routes. The difference? The Pats O-Line simply could not bock the Giant's D-Line. Poor blocking will shutdown even pro-bowl caliber QBs, WRs, & RBs.

4. Big mouth leadership damages a team more than it helps.

Despite losing Tiki Barber's runninng skills, it is clear the Giants are a better TEAM without the disruptions his mouth caused. It also isn't a coincidence the Giants impoved as a team AFTER Shockly went down with an injury (and his mouth/attitude was removed as a disruptive force from the locker room) and that about that time that Eli Manning's quiet, calm, and steady leadership style started to be appreciated.

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FalconWong88 (2/4/2008)
further goes to show you that if Tom Brady was here on the Falcons, he'll just look like another Joey Harrington.

I've long been saying, "Show me a team with a good quarterback, and I'll show you a team with a good O-line." There's no doubt in my mind that if Brady had been playing behind the Falcons' O-lines of the last few seasons, no one would be wondering why he was a sixth-round draft pick.

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Best post of the year ! As I have been saing a great DL can make a team , Just like it did for the Giants , if not fortheire great DL , that would have been blown out of the water . Truth be told , they had more to do with the Victory than the Miricle play by the O# that had a lot of Luck involved with that play.

I thought this was the best SB i've ever seen , But i was really wanting Eli and the Giants to win just to shut Tiki Barber & NE up. And to prove that getting rid of locker room trouble makers will help a team more than anything as well.

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grendel (2/4/2008)
Here's another point:

- You can never have too many quality DE's... Even with Umenyiora and Strahan, they got Tuck and Mitchell... They can rotate them, move Mitchell back as an OLB, and even have all 4 of them rushing the passer at the same time on obvious passing downs. It's a great luxury which paid big dividends last night.

Last nights SB was a perfect example and hopefully Blank and the boys will take this all in as they make the draft pic decisions in the next few month's!!!;)
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Totaly agree with points one and two. That d-line was the bomb. I saw them gasping for breath and dripping with sweat after 15 min. of play and I was scared. But they kept the same tempo all night with no let down. That's superbowl defence.

Also, Giants backs picked up some huge, huge blocks and Manning didn't even flinch. Props to Jacobs and Bradshaw.

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