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E. T.

Will the pats crash and burn after this loss like the raiders did after they lossed?

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e t (2/4/2008)
Is this the last of the pats dynasty? The defense does have some age, players may be leaving on both sides of the ball. What do you guys think?

Pats 15-1

Falcons 6-10:):)

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i dont think they will go to the superbowl any more this decade after that loss. they will be good but will never make it back. i see either moss or asante leaving this year. if they did get back to the superbowl next year they would have to resign bruschi, moss, and asante. they would also have to take ellis w/ the 7th pick or take a corner. ellis would give them even more depth on the d-line and after the game yesterday they need someone who can keep the DT's rested and still generate a rush. they generated NO RUSH yesterday.

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I believe the Pats will be winners the entire Brady era, however they will never be as loaded or as good as they were this year:

- You know Moss and Samuel, possibly others will go to other teams for more money

- This entire spygate thing with the senator and Goodell could make things ugly

- Fingers are going to be pointed because of players like Moss on the team

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