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Nothing wrong with Chris Long with the top pick

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This is how I see it as well. It's why I won't be angry if the Falcons draft a DE early nor will I read it as an indictment of Jamaal Anderson. I don't care if it's Dorsey, Ellis or Long in round one or someone like Campbell or Merling in round two (or someone later). We need to build our defense up to a point where we have three guys who can get to the QB on every passing down. Tonight's game is the perfect demonstration of how even the best offensive lines in football struggle in adjusting to such a style of play.

We've come to an age where the most important unit on the team in terms of depth is the d-line. If those guys get blown up too often...well, you're the Atlanta Falcons in the second half of the year.

More and more, I think Coleman's health is crucial to our short term decision making.

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man, i really envy the giants defensive line. what a defensive unit.

i would draft chris long, but i dont think he will last to us, especially because i think the dolphins will take him.

adding ellis or dorsey (i think i prefer dorsey a bit, especially because ellis is the "hot-#####" guy right now, and if we got dorsey at 5 it would be awesome) would give us a chance to add a guy like kentwan balmer, trevor laws, red bryant, maybe even pat sims (not my favorite guy to be honest), but the options are many. and adding a guy like corey williams in free agency would be amazing. i wish rod coleman would get healthy and stay healthy, because a dline of abraham/chris ellis, glen dorsey/fa pickup (maybe starks or williams)/lewis, Coleman/Babineaux/lewis, anderson/chauncey

that would be a sweet defensive line.

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Clarifying on Coleman: he's actually a solid performer at the position when healthy. We saw that in the one game this year where he was finally back to speed right before he was jinxed again. Given the escalation in free agent costs since 2004, my point is that he offers pretty good bang for the buck if he can recover. I'm in no position to make that determination, but it helps our situation a lot if we have him for the next year or two as a rotational player. If we can get something for him or his accelerated cap charges are about to come due, that's an entirely different scenario.

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Richard Nixon (2/3/2008)
He could eventually move to defensive end when Abe runs out of gas, but he could start in the interior and spell either end until that day comes, he's the best defensive linemen in the draft save for possibly Sedrick Ellis, and either Long or Ellis will still be there when we pick.

He certainly moved on my draft board.

Giants have Usi, Strahan, Tuck AND Kiwanuka

Why not add another DE on this team. Not like Abraham is 22 years old anyway.

1)Sedrick Ellis

2)Chris Long

3)Glenn Dorsey

4)Jake Long

5)Darren McFadden

Wow we can't go wrong in this draft can we?

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I agree that's there's nothing wrong with the Falcons taking Chris Long. Last night shows just how valuable pass rushers are. The Falcons could figure out a way to use Be, Jamaal and Long in a way that gets all three of them on the field a lot. Even if the Falcons don't want to keep all three of those guys they could take Long and then wait on a team to offer a trade. Pass rushers are as valuable as ever and last nights game will be fresh in team's minds come April.

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busboyisback (2/5/2008)
Dill (2/4/2008)
Whats the point of having 3 good- to possibly great DEs????

We could lock up the position for years.

John Abraham isn't exactly THAT young

So? We have bigger needs, the Giants also have a good running game , a good qb, and a good offensive line thats what we need

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Dill (2/5/2008)

So? We have bigger needs,

When John Abraham was off the field this year, there was no bigger need for this team than a pass rusher. The difference in how we were attacked when he was on the field versus when he was not was stunning. Your logic dictates that we have Abraham healthy for 16 games, Anderson improves and our DTs provide a much more constant pass rush than they did in 2007. The logic to draft Long or another DE who can pressure the QB is that there need to be contingency plans in place in case everything does not come up sunshine and smiles.

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