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Defense wins championships


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bgarcia28 (2/3/2008)
I am happy with Mike Smith, but you can all see what many of us were talking about. Spagnuolo out-coached Belichick.

Eli and Plaxico stepped up, but the defense won the championship for NYG.

Congrats to the Giants. Now, let's go out there and build a nasty D.

You could've had Spagnola as YOUR head coach if Blank wasn't so afraid of being burned and looking like a fool..........................again.

Now he's interviewing with Washington. He's gonna be a great head coach but I believe he would've done a much better job in Atlanta than he would in Washington simply because of ownership.

I firmly believe had you all been able to get Spags you would've been deep in the playoffs in a maximum of 3 years. You still may be but it's just a lot more IFFY.

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He definitely seems to be a very good defensive coordinator. And I do agree that defense is the biggest factor to winning a championship (not the only, but a strong defense can make a game a lot more winnable for a so-so offense).

This being said though, being a great coordinator does not always equate to being a great head coach.

I'm more than satisfied at this point with the hiring of Smith. A couple of his staff hirings are somewhat questionable to me, but I'm going to wait and see before I say we are doomed. I think we have a great chance to greatly improve with this GM and coaching staff being in sync with one another.

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