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Jesus Cam in 1972


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thesouphead (2/4/2008)
doooooh (2/3/2008)
I am convinced that Jesus Christ cam back to earth in 1972. Why?

Jesus was the only PERFECT person to walk this earth and the 1972 Miami Dolphins remain the only PERFECT NFL team.:D

WTG G-men.:)

didn't Jesus lose to the Jews in the big game?

Nope,he won!!;)

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thesouphead (2/4/2008)
Dago (2/4/2008)
thesouphead (2/4/2008)
this leads me to wonder why it wasn't Jesus who invented the video camera and the internet. Those would have been real miracles.

Al Gore was inspired by Jesus

maybe.......gotta give Gore props for getting us this tool though.

We could have done without Bush.

Oh, you meant the internet when you said "tool". Sorry.

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