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College Football All Star Skills Competition

Ben Carnes

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I don't usually know much about the players coming into the draft until all of the draft speculation starts. However, it was interesting to watch yesterday's All-Star Skills Competition. Here are the results:

Lifelock RB catching Competition

Tashard Choice- 18.20 seconds (Flacco threw)

Johnathan Stewart- 17.39 seconds (Ryan threw)

Rashard Mendenhall- 16.56 seconds (Booty threw)

Mike Hart- 15.56 seconds (Henne/Hart connection)

Jamaal Charles- 14.72 seconds (Brennan threw)

Long Distance Throwing Results

John David Booty- 60 yards

Colt Brennan- 60 yards

Matt Ryan- 62 yards

Chad Henne- 67 yards

Joe Flacco- 74 yards

Long Distance Kick Results

Reda (Illinois)- 50 yards

Serna (Oregon State)- 50 yards

Carmody (Louisville)- 57 yards

Coutu (Georgia)- 59 yards

QB Accuracy Results

Chad Henne- 90 pts

John David Booty- 110 pts

Joe Flacco- 140 pts

Matt Ryan- 160 pts

Colt Brennan- 220 pts

RB Obstacle Course Results

Johnathan Stewart- 31.34 seconds

Tashard Choice- 30.88 seconds

Jamaal Charles- 30.51 seconds

Rashard Mendenhall- 30.20 seconds

Mike Hart- 28.59 seconds

I couldn't find the rest of the results online. Make of them what you will. However, it was extremely impressive to see Flacco throw the ball 71 yards on his first attempt, followed by a 74 yard throw on his second. Also, Coutu was very impressive.

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Demetrius Dew (2/3/2008)
Dirty_DVD (2/3/2008)
RB Jamaal Charles in a tandem with Norwood.

They are the same style of back, we need a between the tackles type of back.

J. Stewart

R. Mendahall

1) not quite the same as Norwood... And he runs lower than McFadden.

2) I don't expect The Falcons select Stewart #3-#5, and he won't be available in the 2nd.

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