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Enthusiasm for Hillary greater than Obama?


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Here's results from a new Wash Post/ABC News poll:


This is what caught my eye:

12. (IF NAMED DEM CANDIDATE) Do you support (CANDIDATE) strongly, or somewhat?


Hillary Clinton 62

Barack Obama 49


Hillary Clinton 38

Barack Obama 51

I would have suspected the opposite, that more people "strongly" supported Obama than Hillary, even if Hillary had majority support from the party.

She also beats Obama in terms of who Dem voters trust more on the major issues (economy, Iraq, etc.).

In other news, McCain is beating the **** out of Romney in the national polls (we'll see whether this translates to results in specific states, of course).

In addition, over 60% believe that McCain is the "strongest leader" and "has the best chance of getting elected", and McCain beats Romney on who "reflects the core values" of the GOP by 41-25%.

McCain also beats Romney on all of the major issues, with voters saying they trust him more than Romney:

"Who do you trust most to handle:"


McCain 69%

Romney 12%


McCain 67%

Romney 13%


McCain 43%

Romney 29%


McCain 47%

Romney 22%

Social issues

McCain 35%

Romney 20%

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