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Michael Boley hosted a fund raiser for autism in Arz..


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CAVE CREEK - Mothers of celebrities and athletes are spending Super Bowl Sunday at Harolds Cave Creek Corral.

But they won't just be watching the game.

Prior to kickoff, mothers of the MOM Squad, a national support group, will chat about their volunteer efforts at the bar and restaurant, 6895 E. Cave Creek Road.


The squad, whose members include Sheron Smith, mother of rapper Mos Def, supports and raises money for at-risk youth.

This past week, the women worked to raise funds for the NFL Youth Education Town Academy in south Phoenix. The charter school also received a hefty $1 million recently from the National Football League.

"We're very excited to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at Harolds, and we're looking forward to meeting community members who share our same vision," said squad President JacQuetta Clayton, mother of Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Mark Clayton.

Also attending today's event are Mary Cay Rackers, mother of Arizona Cardinals kicker Neil Rackers, and Angela Curley, mother of Tennessee Titans player Travis LaBoy.

"One of our primary objectives in Arizona is to raise awareness that we exist," Curley said.

A Thursday fundraiser at Scottsdale's Devil's Martini: Old Town benefited autism research. Atlanta Falcons linebacker Michael Boley hosted.

On Friday, the squad expected to officially donate up to $15,000 at a ceremony for the youth academy, which operates under the non-profit Espiritu Community Development Corp.

The money will help Espiritu buy a new vehicle for its athletic department, Curley said.

To donate: momsquad.org.

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Veterans John Abraham and Michael Boley took time out to attend the news conference and meet with their new head coach.

That's a good sign for not only Smith but the entire Falcons organization as veteran-coach relations had been fractured during Petrino's time with the franchise, which helped lead to an unstable locker room and poor on-field performance.

"Expectations of him coming in here, I have high expectations," Boley said. "I'm really looking forward to trying to get things turned around here."

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That was good to hear! I believe it is important for Smith to establish a rapport with the vets on the team and start rebuilding the morale. I was very encouraged to hear Boley's comments. It certainly sounds like he plans on being back next year. A very high priority should be to get Boley signed up long term as he was a very bright spot in last year's dismal season.

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