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Texas vs. The Nation

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Anyone else watch this game? So far I'm 3 quarters in and the following players have impressed me:

Xavier Omon RB NW Missouri St.

Corey Lynch S Appalachian St.

Danny Amendola WR Texas Tech

Rodrick Johnson LB Oklahoma St.

Jason Shirley DT Fresno St.

Antwaun Molden CB Eastern Kentucky

Pierre Garcon WR Mount Union

Rudolph Hardie DE Howard

None of the QBs have looked all that good to me, BTW.

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I could have gone to this game... I live in El Paso, unfortunately.

The highest profile player on the field was Matt Flynn. I was looking through the full roster for each team and there were only like 10 players total who are expected to get drafted; not a single one projected higher than the 5th round. Not that this is a bad thing as far as the game itself, but I just didn't want to battle the crowd to see a game I don't care about to begin with.

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Flynn ended up not going I think. Jason Shirley was a beast on the DL. He has talent, but off the field concerns. Whether he has matured or not, I don't know, but he was amongst the best players in this game, no doubt.

jidady had a post the other day about UDFAs on two-deeps, which actually shows that getting good UDFAs can be very important to a teams depth and success. This is why a game like this is so important IMO.

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