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what would it say if....

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No QB is taken in this year's draft? Or not at least not until the 4th round or later.

There is a good chance that our GM doesn't think that ANY of the qbs this year are worth the risk.

Fact: none of them have won anything in college

Fact: none of them are REALLY first round talent

Fact: none of them would be the guy to take us to a super bowl(not at least for4 or5 years)

Fact: none of them can be claimed to be better than Leftwich or Redman

Fact: our team has more pressing needs than a backup QB...we have 2 or 3 of them

Fact: Tom Brady was found in the 6th round

Fact: all of them are good, none of them are great.

just my thought.

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trubirdfan4life (2/2/2008)
I think the browns would want too much for him.

They are not going to get rid of the guy. They will play the next year or two with quinn as the backup. Gotta have two QBs these days. They are gonna get hurt.

Anderson wants a 5 year deal, and the browns dont want to give him 5 years so they probably have to trade him

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