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Byron Leftwich

Joey Harrington

Michael Jenkins

Lewis Sanders

Wayne Gandy

Joe Horn


Keith Brooking

Warrick Dunn


DeAngelo Hall

Michael Boley

Demorrio Williams (the price will be right, I think)


Grady Jackson - DT, Jacksonville

Alan Faneca - OG, Pittsburgh

*** I am assuming we get the 3rd overall pick and an extra 4th as comp. for Kerney ***


1 - Darren McFadden - RB, Arkansas

We need to take the best player in the draft at this pick. We need someone electrifying on our offense and a Norwood + DMC backfield will give us one of the youngest and best RB tandems in the NFL. Before you say "ELLIS OR DORSEY!" stop and think -- what if they go 1 and 2 overall? It's possible...

2 - Gosder Cherilus - RT, Boston College

Cherilus is fresh off a strong Senior Bowl and some feel like it may have moved him into the first round, but I think Long, Clady, Otah, and Williams go before him and he is a steal for us at this pick.

2 - Sam Baker - LT, USC

And now we have two new starting tackles. Sam Baker looked bigger than most thought he would look at the Senior Bowl, and he played well against top competition. He is the best technician in this draft and that cannot be underestimated.

3 - Red Bryant - DT, Texas A&M

Even after we resign Grady from Jax, this is a good pick in my opinion. Grady is getting old and won't be here much longer, and while he is here, Bryant, Lewis, and Jackson will be a very strong NT rotation.

4 - Vince Hall - MLB, Virginia Tech

We will be amazed when Hall is available here. Hall dropping has more to do with junior additions to the draft and strong Senior Bowl performances than anything else. Bud Foster calls this guy the best player he has ever coached, and he has coached a LOT of good players on defense at Virginia Tech.

4 - Davone Bess - WR, Hawai'i

After cutting Jenkins and Horn, I'm sure we'll sign some journeyman WR, but Bess could become a huge addition in the slot. Bess could be our Wes Welker -- he is quick, runs crisp routes, has solid hands, and coming from the run & shoot, you know he can get yards after the catch.

5 - Colt Brennan - QB, Hawai'i

Before your head blows up -- I don't like any QBs in this draft, but I think if Brennan is given a couple years to master the system and put on some weight he could be solid. I think he has as much potential as any QB in this draft, but I think we should wait until rounds 5-7 to pick a QB. He will be the best QB left this late in the draft. An interesting alternative would be to trade a pick from rounds 5-7 for Matt Cassell of New England.

6 - Brandon Coutu - K, Georgia

Can we just stop with the Morten Anderson experiment? He's one of the greatest, but come on, we need a young leg that can kick past 47 yards. Coutu has a monster leg and he's from Georgia.

7 - Haruki Nakamura - S, Cincinnati

Constantly making plays on a solid D-I defense, smart, and he always plays with a nonstop motor. You can't teach those things, you CAN put on extra weight though. If nothing else, Haruki could become a solid special teams ace, but he could potentially be a lot more than that.

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Oh and I forgot, potential depth chart at midseason (some players excluded):


QB: D.J. Shockley / Chris Redman / Colt Brennan

RB: Darren McFadden / Jerious Norwood (splitting time)

LT: Sam Baker

LG: Alan Faneca

C: Todd McClure

RG: Justin Blalock

RT: Gosder Cherilus

WR: Roddy White

WR: Laurent Robinson

SLOT: Davone Bess


MLB: Keith Brooking / Vince Hall / Tony Taylor (if Brooking isn't cut)

WLB: Demorrio Williams / Stephen Nicholas

SLB: Michael Boley

RE: John Abraham

NT: Grady Jackson / Trey Lewis / Red Bryant

UT: Rod Coleman / Jonathan Babineaux

LE: Jamaal Anderson / Chauncey Davis

CB: DeAngelo Hall

CB: Chris Houston

FS: Jimmy Williams / Haruki Nakamura

SS: Lawyer Milloy

That looks pretty solid. We'll still need help at S, C, and QB to some extent, but I think with this offseason we've laid the foundation for a great team.

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I try to be positive when I post about other peoples Mocks but I do have to be honest .

I really like the Red Bryant pick !!!

You have a lot of players I would not pick at all ,OT Baker and QB Brennen are the most overrated players at their position in the draft . Plus I don't doubt one minute that McFadden is a gifted RB. But to draft a guy who has been in 2 Barfights in the last 2 years and has Children scattered down his path . And take him with a top 3 pick after what we've been threw ?? You want to take that chance ?? No way , I wouldn't . If he had the Character of AP then I'd be all for it. But I'm afraid he is opposite of AP who is a Christian BTW. I would love to have AP.

WE've got to make sure this top pick is not a Dude or one of bad Character . A player who you know will help the team more than any player we could get . And I think Everybody should get on the Ellis Banwagon. I've had a bunch to jump on in the last 2 months and I'm exspecting a whole lot more by the time Draft day gets here.

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