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Best media player not made by Micro$oft or Apple?


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NineOhTheRino (1/31/2008)
XLDenaliReturns (1/31/2008)
Creative Zen. They're awesome. I don't know if they make them that cheap though.

Starts at $200. Seems I may have to spend at least $200 to get a good one..

i got my girl one for xmas. i think it was $250, but it's an awesome little machine. controls are just as intuitive as an Ipod and you don't have to deal with all that Itunes garbage. and it's not so ridiculously small and thin like a Nano. you can upgrade the memory with an SD card.

my only complaint is that the earbud headphones that come with it are crappy. i got her some Bose noise-cancelling headphones that cost **** near as much as the player itself (but it was worth it; if you've never listened to some Bose headphones, you should)

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I was going to say Creative Zen as well. They make a great portable media player, but you're definately gonna have to drop more than $100 to get one. In fact, you're probably gonna have to drop closer to $200 to get a good one of any make. I myself have a Zune. Only reason I mention that is that it doesn't have DRM restrictions on it, which is very nice. Something to think about when browsing. I don't know if Creative Zen players have them or not. Just something else to think about.

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grrrillapmp (1/31/2008)
Iriver Clix.

If you don't believe me read any review. Infact I challenge you to find a bad review for it.

I have one myself and I love it. It's slick ,sleek and customizable.

It's gong to be more than $100 though.

Do you have to use Windows Media Player with that? How do you put most of your music on it?

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Well I bought a Phillips 8 gig Gogear for 90 bucks at Wally World. plays Video mp3's pictures and has a fm rec. The only thing is I believe they were a special release for the holidays and now you can get the same thing at wally world on the 4 gig ver and its 125 bucks. If you happene to go look around in the stores maybe a 8 gig ver got over looked over the holidays but mp3,video,pic player thats 8 gig for 90 bucks?? how can you go wrong? Mine has held up fine for over 3 months now no problems.

looks exactly like this only its 8 gig. and was 94 bucks.


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