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Define a "rebuilding" project.


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OK, this is the NFL, as we all know. The margin of difference between the talent and athletic ability is very small. So tell me, what's the difference betweem the champs and the chumps?


I'm not saying that it's realistic for all the coaches in the NFL to be able to take a team from embarrasment to respectability in 1 year. Allthough, there are leaders out there like that.

Is there any doubt that guy up in NE could turn the Falcons into a 500 team in a year, or Bill P. I bet there are a bunch of guys that could do it. Rebuilding to those guys still means "WINNING." Add to that, they have done it.

I also think that the off season moves, should be exciting to watch. I think we actually have quite a bit to work with. I don't have all the answers but hopefully our GM will do a respectable job. I am first and formost looking to add men of "character" to the roster. I believe he will do that.

All that being said, NOBODY, on this board, even the optimists, see us sniffing the playoffs for a few years. That means that they don't think that we will be a respectable team until we have the players to do so. That means that they don't believe in the leadership of our team. Honestly, I couldn't agree more.

The reality of the word "potential" actually means you don't have squat. Sorry Falcons fans, that what we have, squat.

Thanks Blank.

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Thanks Blank?

I agree. Thank you Mr. Blank for realizing that gimmick and gadgets don't build long term success. Thank you Mr. Blank for having the courage to point this team in a direction that previous ownership never cared to. Thank you Mr. Blank for trying to appease a fickle fan base, and thank you for realizing they have no idea what they are talking about.

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