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Is there are reason Petrino drafted 2 Arkansas players in 07, then quit to become a hog?


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laxin-it (1/31/2008)
Chiropractor (1/31/2008)
I just noticed this.

No way!....is this ur first post that didnt mention Jamaal anderson?!?!?!?! ITS IS POSSIBLE!!!!!

Glad you checked urself into rehab man...it was gettin pretty bad

But the post is about Jamaal, yeah he skipped saying his name but he is talking about him.

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What is with the excessive HATE here for Jamaal. The kid did a stellar job against the run (something most rookie DEs don't do) and towards the end of the seasons started developing more pass rush moves and getting pressure on the QBs. Flushing them from the QB many times and forcing early throws others. I don't understand the hate. He was getting killed by the coaching staff...stop the run stop the run stop the run...he did what he was coached to do.

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