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The 61-year-old Robert Englund likely out as Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street re-boot


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Michael Bay s Platinum Dunes production company is keeping busy destroying the dreams of horror fans everywhere. First they attempted to humanize Leatherface and his clan with their remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Then there was the announced restart for Friday the 13th. Now, even though we haven t seen what Bay, along with partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, have planned for Jason Vorhees, New Line has approached the company about a new Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, according to Bloody-Disgusting, who hinted at this news quite a while ago.

That s right brace yourselves for a newly imagined Freddy Krueger, most likely played by someone other than the 61-year-old Robert Englund who originated the role for Wes Craven. While there s not enough information released yet to indicate Englund won t reprise his famous role, replacing the actor would be the easiest way to reboot the old franchise into a new one, which is what Platinum Dunes has been asked to do.

Don t expect much in the way of details or plans until the movie can move forward a little, which, of course, it can t do until the writer s strike ends and Platinum Dunes can hire someone.

In the meantime, I have to wonder why Platinum Dunes has to keep taking on these iconic figures from decades past. It wouldn t be so bad if they were just tacking sequels on to the existing franchise, but reinventing time-honored characters just seems wrong. And, yes, I know I should be more open minded, but let s remember Nightmare on Elm Street has already had the chance to show how bad it can get without creator Wes Craven involved. I can t imagine it will be any better just because Platinum Dunes is recreating it as if Craven s movie never existed.

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