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Falcons trade Deangelo Hall to the Browns for Brady Quinn: win-win for both teams


Quinn will be a solid starter in the league, although he is unproven, in my opinion he is a better QB prospect than any QB in this upcomming draft.

1. Sedrick Ellis - DT


2. Gosder Cherilus - OT


2. Philip Wheeler - MLB - will put alot of pressure on opposing offenses


3. Matt Forte - RB


3. Chevis Jackson - CB


4. Thomas Decloud - S - very physical, pretty good covering skills


5. Dennis Dixon - QB - if he falls to here great, if not oh well, i would not take him before our 5th, he has alot of potential, could be good....worth a 5th rounder...


6. Chris Mcduffie - OG


7. Gary Barnidge - TE


7. Jeremy Geathers - DE - has good bloodlines, made a mistake comming out early


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grendel (1/29/2008)
scott24falcs (1/29/2008)
My only beef is that we didn't get a LT. Cherilus is almost certainly going to be a RT in the pros, although chances are he will be a good one.

Yeah, switch out Decloud with Tony Hills who's only dropped because of his injury... We could sit him behind Weiner for a while while he builds his strength and conditioning back up after the rehab.

I agree with the Decoud/Hills switch. I think the safeties are solid, and young(except Milloy). Hills is a very talented OT and could be a steal in the draft because of his injury.

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L.Rover (1/29/2008)
If we trade DHall, CB has to be a top priority in the draft, and I don't think Jackson is quite the answer.

I disagree. With us evidently going to more of a zone (Cover 2) defense, Chevis Jackson would be perfect for that scheme. He doesn't have the amazing speed or man-to-man cover skills of some other corners, but he is excellent in zone coverage.

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Guest Libid21

People say pictures are like a 1,000 words. But these pictures don't really explain themselves. It would of been nice if you could of explained why you had that pick even if it would of been, say a sentence or two.

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