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How long before th Falcons are back in the playoffs?one

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michael d. skelton (1/29/2008)
what is going to take?

could be as early as next year just look how pathetic the division is. 9 games could easy get them in. Making the playoffs probably isnt what is best for the organization because they will probably be embarrassed in the first round and it would set them back in the draft. Can you imagine them somehow winning a playoff game? that would be a complete disaster.

Everyone knows how bad the Falcons are i think they better hope the division is pretty good next year

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GEORGIAfan (1/29/2008)
Next year with DJ Shockley as the starter. if our draft goes great like last year.


What are you smoking? DJ has done absolutely nothing to show that he can run an NFL offense. I like the guy and all, but I do not understand the blind support that you or anyone else is giving him. Yes the guy is on the roster, and with the has beens and never were's that we have at the position, some would say give him a shot, and it would be great if he was something special, but he is not. I suppose Thomas Brown is going to be the next great back in the league as well.

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You never know. If we get some breaks at the beginning of the season that gives us confidence you never know what could happen.

I know the, "in" thing to say is that we are, "rebuilding and it's going to take years" but every year is a new one and if we can get some momentum going that helps us to build our confidence you never know how far we could go.

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1 year.

We already have talent at OLB, DL, WR, and DB. All we need is to find a QB, big RB, LT, RG, MLB, and DT. Redman can take us to the playoffs if we spend our 1st on an RB, or even better if we could trade down and get Felix Jones and an MLB in the 1st. LT and DT in the 2nd. RG and QB in the 3rd (Hopefully Flacco!!!!!!!!) and a **** Kicker!


We'll probably fill some of those holes in FA, so this draft should be pretty interesting if we're sitting on the 3-5th pick without a need at RB (maybe Turner). cough#jakelong#cough

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tom Baldwin (1/29/2008)
As soon as we get a good owner. And a good GM. And a good coaching staff.
Just who should that good owner be and how do you define good owner? Who should that good gm be and who would that good coaching staff be? How can you say who we got for our coaching staff are not good? Don't you think you ought to let them plsy a few games before you judge them? GO FALCONS!
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The Falcons need to upgrade and build for the future at 8 positions:

1. QB

2. LT

3. RG

4. RB

5. DT

6. MLB

7. FS

8. K

1. Redman will hold down the starting job until whoever we draft this year develops (Brohm, Flacco, Henne, Booty, Ainge). This will take until the 2009 season. If Redman plays similar to the way he did at the end of last year we should be fine for 1-2 years.

2. Drafting a LT with one of the first 2 draft picks this year will allow that position to be upgraded.

3. Sign a free agent to play Right guard will upgrade this position a lot. The offensive line is only as strong as the weakest link. If we get the right person here it could go from being the weakest position to one of the strongest on the Oline.

4. RB is very deep. Drafting somebody here in any of the first four rounds will upgrade this position.

5. Draft a DT in one of the first few rounds to add depth. Hope that Trey Lewis comes back strong. Babineaux didn't play that bad last year. It would be nice to see Coleman revert back to old form.

6. Spend one of our first few draft picks on MLB to compete with Tony Taylor for the future of this job.

7. Sign a free agent free safety to upgrade this position.

8. Draft a kicker to upgrade this position.


We have 6 picks in the first four rounds to be used at LT, QB, RB, DT, MLB, and K.

Our 2 major free agency acquisitions would be RG and FS.

In 2008 we will be better in personnel. The Falcons will have to break in the rookies and adjust to new coaching. I expect them to be better. Probably 6-7 wins.

In 2009 we will have a lot of young talent with experience. Draft for any holes that we may have, hopefully it will be more a depth draft since we should have a lot less holes to fill. With good coaching the Falcons could have a legitmate shot at the division or a wild card slot. 8-10 wins.

IMO these are the biggest 8 holes we have to fill. If the front office does a great job at drafting this year and signing free agents to upgrade these 8 positions for this year and the future then 2009 will look very promising.

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