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If we end up with the 3rd pick


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per NFL trade chart - that would be a bad trade for the Falcons:

pick 1-3 = 2,200 pts

pick 2-22 = 780 pts

pick 2-29 = 640 pts

total points of Cowboys 1st rounders = 1,420 points

We would be getting "ripped" if we did trade and that is all we got. We would need much more (per chart 780 more points) - another late 1st round draft pick!!!!!

I would take less than the draft chart but not that much less. The minimum I would take besides the two firsts are this years 2nd (2-61 = 292pts) and next year's 2nd (2-61 = 292pts discounted 50% = 146 points)

that deal would still be a "deal" for Cowboys per chart

780+640+292+146 = 1,858 points but it would at least be worth considering.

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Right now Sedrick Ellis should be the pick.

It all starts in the trenches. It's how the Pats started with Seymour, Warren, and Wilfork.

It was the staple of the Jags, our head coach's old team.

Not to mention this is one of the deepest RB classes ever and there is a much greater dropoff at DT.

And last but not least, it's an investment in our top 10 pick last year in Jamaal Anderson giving him some help because right now he could use all the help he can get.

I won't be unhappy if we take McFadden but right now Ellis just makes a lot more sense for the numerous reasons

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If Ellis is there, I hope we take him. Long is freakin huge and he's the highest rated LT prospect according to most scouts, but I don't think he is the elite type of player that should be drafted with a top 5 pick. Ellis has definitely shown that he is at the very top of this draft class.

Choosing between Ellis and Mcfadden, I would still go with Ellis because this draft is so deep at RB. we can get a terrific RB in the second round. McFadden might be a more versatile player than the other RBs, but I would prefer a more powerful guy who likes to run inside. Jamaal Charles and Kevin Smith can both pound the ball inside, and paired with Norwood, either of these guys would be great.

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I agree if Ellis and Dorsey are off the board. If Ellis and Dorsey are our top 2 priorities I hope. Both play a need position and will be best player available if they are there IMHO.

After those two, yes, go McFadden and then Jake Long. Those are the top 4, and in that exact order IMHO.


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Twinblade (1/29/2008)
I dont think we should draft Ellis unless its the last thing to do, Trey Lewis is starting at NT so Ellis would be behind Lewis.

Why would you put so much faith in a 6th round pick who just tore his ACL. I agree, i love Lewis, and he does have a lot of potential - especially for a low round guy. However he shouldn't take the majority of the snaps, but he should be put in a rotation system. Look at a team like Green Bay. I love their 8 man D-line rotation system. The guys are always fresh.

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