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The first guy has us taking:

1st round: Atlanta Falcons: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

We all know who RUN DMC is, no need to post details.

2nd round: Atlanta Falcons: Dan Connor, OLB/MLB, Penn State

A major steal, as Dan Connor slips a bit after a mediocre Senior Bowl. With Keith Brooking vacating the middle linebacker slot, the Falcons will need someone to take his place, as they had severe problems covering anything downfield.

2nd round: Atlanta Falcons: Chad Henne, QB, Michigan

Chad Henne has raised his stock enough to warrant a second-round choice. The Falcons obviously need a quarterback and a locker-room leader in the wake of their disastrous 2007 campaign. And as I wrote on my first-round page, if either Andre' Woodson or Brian Brohm slips past 20, Atlanta may use both of its second-round selections to trade up.

3rd round: Atlanta Falcons: Mike McGlynn, OT, Pittsburgh

Atlanta surrendered 47 sacks this year. This just in - that's not good. That needs to change if they want to protect the quarterback they draft in the first two rounds.

There is another Mock draft on this site and this is how he has in working out:

1st round:Atlanta Falcons: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC

New Falcons GM Tom Dimitroff recently hired former Jacksonville defensive coordinator Mike Smith as the head coach. When I watched the press conference, Smith seemed like a serious guy that won't take any B.S. from anyone (which includes DeAngelo Hall, thankfully). I think this will translate into Dimitroff's draft strategy and that is taking a player with a great attitude, high upside, and of course, talent. Enter Sedrick Ellis. He is a monster of a lineman and I have been saying since before the season started that he is one of the three or four best players in this draft, but there hasn't been the need for a three technique in the top nine picks of my mock. With Smith now in Atlanta, there is, and I think they will emphasize value with this pick. Easily, the best pick off the board for the Falcons is Ellis.

2nd round:Atlanta Falcons: Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas

Atlanta must upgrade the offensive in this draft, and I think Anthony Collins has the upside to play left tackle. He is a very athletic player with a lot of promise; he could end up being the second tackle selected.

2nd round: Atlanta Falcons: Chad Henne, QB, Michigan

The Falcons get their franchise quarterback in Chad Henne. Can he be a more consistent competitor?

3rd round: Atlanta Falcons: Phillip Wheeler, ILB, Georgia Tech

Will eventually be the starting MIKE on this defense, but will learn for a year behind Keith Brooking.

I think this will be ok, what do you think?

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Yeah I some what agree. I think the 2nd pick looks good but they are both pretty appealing. I think we would make a right desicion with our first pick taking Ellis or DMC, I dont think we could go wrong either way. It will be interesting to see how much stock we put in Trey Lewis, J Babs, and a healthy Coleman to be honest. With a healthy Coleman back I think he will make Jamaal Anderson alot better by allowing him to focus on beating one man since the primary focus will be on Coleman and Abe. I think we are deeper at DL then RB, I think McFadden would make an impact right away like Adrian Peterson did for the Vikes, of course thats pending a good group of O-lineman in the draft and maybe 1 or 2 via free agency

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I'd be okay with the first one, pretty damned happy with the second. I really think that Ellis is the kind of player you can build a defense around and with our new coach's focus on defense and his history of having a terrific set of defensive tackles, it just seems like a good idea to get a great one for him.


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