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*Atlanta Falcons: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

The past month or so, I've said that I was close to having the Falcons pick Darren McFadden over Matt Ryan. What stopped me was the fact that there were no second-tier quarterbacks. In 2007, Kevin Kolb, Drew Stanton, Trent Edwards and John Beck were all second-round prospects. Prior to the Senior Bowl practices, this draft didn't contain any signal callers of that caliber.

Chad Henne looked really good at the Senior Bowl, solidifying his status as a second-round quarterback. John David Booty has also been impressive, while Joe Flacco's arm may entice some general managers. With three potential targets in the second round, there's a greater chance Atlanta takes McFadden off the board.

One other reason I think the Falcons choose McFadden - besides the fact that he's a better prospect than Ryan - is that we've seen a tendency for teams to eschew quarterbacks for other positions the past few years. Cleveland, Miami and Minnesota all passed on Brady Quinn in 2007. Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger dropped before him.

If this draft sees another quarterback slip - either Brian Brohm or Andre' Woodson could fall past 20 - the Falcons have the arsenal to trade up into the bottom of the first round. Armed with two second-round selections, I could see them swapping picks with the Chargers, who only have one draft choice until Round 5. If neither guy drops, Henne, Booty or Flacco could be theirs with pick No. 48.


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