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Its soo funny how

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People are saying that if, and thats a big if, Vick comes back they will root for another team.

well without vick it seems that they are already rooting for another team.

When Vick broke his leg and the team was bad, the dome still sold out.

This year we were pretty bad, but where is the support. We have to know that it will get bad before it gets better when you lose a talent like a Vick.

Now it is really evident how much he meant to the team. With an even worse Oline than we had last year, He gave us hope and look at how high our expectations were.

We were complaining that VIck wasn't winning superbowls like Brady, or setting records like Manning.

No we can look back on a guy and really see...wow that guy did everything for this offense, and all we did was want more. He would throw darts and guys would drop waay too many passes. He was the reason guys had running lanes because somebody on the defense had to defend the BOOTLEG on EVERY running play. all of that, and HE COULD NOT AUDIBLE.

Now if(and when) we get a new QB we won't dare compare him to brady or manning. He will get realistic expectations.

With that said, He is guilty of trusting the wrong people too much and doing too many of the wrong things. Has been sentenced by a court of law and will be out. Now we as a society, have to allow the man to redeem himself. I realize that every fan of the falcons is perfect and have not come up short in any aspect of life. But try to understand that everyone is not as perfect as you are. This will be the comeback story of the new century, what....just watch.

that is all..flame on!

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