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offseason scenario that would be awesome


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We trade our 3rd pick, and a 6th to Dallas for both 1st round picks,3rd round, next years second and Bobby Carpenter . He didn't work out in their 3-4 D, but could be a baller in a 4-3. Carpenter has been a backup to Pro-bowlers Bradie James, and Greg Ellis since he was drafted in 06. He also alternated LB spots positions making it harder to Settle in at a particular position. At 6-2 250 4.6, he could be a monster in the middle for us.

D-MO leaves via FA

Coleman,Harrington,Leftwich,Forney,Datish,and crocker get cut

Dunn, and Brooking take a big pay cut

Draft point value








next yrs 2nd=(270-580)

Bobby Carpenter

1st:Chris Williams LT VANDY

!st:Leodis Mckelvin CB TROY

2nd:Pat Sims DT AUB

2nd: Chad Henne QB MICH

3rd: Phillip Wheeler ILB GT

3rd: Matt Forte RB TUL

3rd:Ray schuenning OG ORE ST

4th:DJ.Hall WR ALA

5th:Kellen Davis TE MICH ST

7th:Fernando Velasco C UGA

7th:Brandon Cotou K UGA

What does everybody think. I dont think it is too unrealistic...is it?

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You can never have enough good corners. We could be 1 injury away from being in trouble. After Hall, and Houston who do you really trust enough to take over the position and hold it down like a starter. Grimes,and Irons arent the answer. They are back ups at best

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A Dallas scenario I wouldn't ignore is that they have a spare first round pick, several players they might trade and a glaring need in the secondary. DeAngelo Hall's most likely destinations if he does get traded is there imo. I know Washington has been rumored a lot but with their cap situation, I don't see how they can pull it off.

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