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Jason Statham to remake The Crow?


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Jason Statham is one of the very few action stars out there who hasn t been rumored to be involved in a comic book movie. He remedied that today in an interview with IESB, where he started dropping hints about future projects.

Statham says he took a meeting for Sub-Mariner, which sounds like an awful role for him and he agrees. Statham s assessment of the project is, I don t know if I d look right running around in a tight speedo with wings on my ankles. I don t know if anyone would Jason. Hopefully they d at least nix the silly ankle feathers if Namor ever gets his own film.

Also on Jason Statham s possible comic book movie list is The Crow, which he says a non-specific they is in the process of remaking. The original of course, starred Brandon Lee and was a huge cult hit. It also doesn t need to be remade& it s not that old after all. If they do redo it though, Statham says if that one comes my way, bang! I guess that means he d really like to do it. Aside from the fact that a remake is a horrible idea (but then when isn t it), I have a hard time picturing him all gothed out like Brandon Lee. Statham s best when he s playing a brute, and The Crow is a little more subtle than his normal head-butting stuff.

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direwolf (1/29/2008)
I don't think that'd be a good role for him. Just one fellow's opinion.


It'd be a terrible role for him.

Remaking this movie is the dumbest idea in a long list of dumb Hollywood ideas, but if they absolutely HAVE to do it, why not choose someone who can pull it off like Scott Speedman or Stewart Townsend.

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Why remake the franchise at all? AFter the first one, all the others sucked...****, the last installment went straight to Sci Fi channel...not even good enough for a straight to dvd release...:crazy:

just let the franchise stay dead...

if they truly wanted to take a cult classic and remake it, then at least pick one that has a chance of spawning marketable sequels...something like Remo Williams, or bring back Kurt Russell as smilin' Jack Burton, and finally make that sequel to Big Trouble in Little China. ;)

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