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roy willams

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scott24falcs (1/27/2008)
I love the thought of having Williams on this team. I'm probably one of the few that would give up a 2nd for him, as long as he's healthy. He's a **** of a recevier.

I've been saying it since this rumor first popped up, I'd take him for a 2nd too.

I know what everyone keeps saying, that we can build our team through the draft, and that this is a very deep draft, but Roy Williams IS CURRENTLY one of the best WR's in the league. Instead of working with young guys, we can take a guy right in his prime.

And as far as how good Robinson and White are right now, they're not Roy Williams. I"m tired of everyone saying how we're fine at WR. Are you telling me that having Williams as our #1 then White at #2 and Robinson in the slot position wouldn't be great?

Yes, we need a QB to throw the ball to our WR's, but is that any reason to ignore the opportunity?

Now all that being said, I don't see the Lions giving him up, and I don't know if anyone would pay a 2nd rd pick. As it was stated in another thread, The pats got Moss for a 5th rd pick.

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He is a phenomenal WR and made D Hall look pathetic. However, he is very much injury prone. Detroit apparently feels comfortable with Calvin and Furrey. I would definitely consider trading a third rounder for a guy with first round talent, hoever, he will hit the cap hard.

I don't think that Dimitroff will do it because of the timing. If the team had both lines settled and was looking for playmakers, then yes. As it stands now, Dimitroff will stock the team with the big guys.

If Dimitroff adds a WR, I would expect us to go after Bryant to provide a sure pair of hands from a big WR.

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