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I'm Leaving Too...


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raven reborn (1/27/2008)
ty down (1/27/2008)
raven reborn (1/27/2008)
I had Wendy's

Well we could play pictionary after dinner if you want to stay:D

I love pictionary. Don't invite bloodhoundz he's a thug and would probably shoot us up!!

Nah he just wants too roast popcornplayer for an after dinner treat!:hehe:

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Well, I ended up with ****** Super Bowl numbers on the $10/square board we drew tonight. Maybe the $100/square board will be better.

I got the following #'s.

Pats Giants

5 o

7 7

2 2

4 5

9 9

The only ones worth a ##### are 7-7, IMO. Maybe the other board will be better, or it'll be 7-7 and force overtime... Piece of ##### numbers

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