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When Vick Returns In 2009, And He Will...Do You Think PETA Would Survive A Protest At The GA Dome?

Robert Miller

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IMO Peta would not survive a protest in the ATL, neither do I feel they would have the courage to protest in downtown Atlanta. Remember,this wouldn't be about the civil rights movement; however a protest could turn into a bloody masacre, which none of us want to see or experience being a fan of the city and the Falcons; nonetheless, when a person pushes thier self-righteous beliefs on others there are always negative reprecussion

Meanwhile, for those of you who think bringing Vick back would be a PR Nightmare Arthur Blank...I totally disagree. The public coverage (TV, Ticket Sales) of Vick games would be completely off the charts (good, bad, or indifferent). And after the our dreadful 2008 season lead by our current staff (Larry, Curly & Moe) Blank will be looking for a little publicity to put behinds in the seats.

IMO- We are in for a long season next year (3-13 or 2-14) which sets Flowery Branch up for a very interesting 2009.

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