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I feel you. All of them are shaky to me that early. Ryan may be the most prepared, but he's not a top ten pick in my opinion. Especially with all of the good position players coming out this year. Is it a crime for all the QB's to drop to the second round? All of them are second round talent and lower if you ask me. Is it possible that he was a one year wonder? If BC wasn't ranked 2nd overall early in the season, would he have received all that hype? I just don't buy it.

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FireDawg85 (1/27/2008)
Agree. WE NEED BIG JAKE LONG! but if Kansas City wins the toss against us, they will take him so cross your fingers. BUT... If we HAVE to pick a QB first (which would be a mistake if we did) I would take Ryan before Brohm

I agree that if we take a QB first, it should be Ryan. But we probably shouldn't.

Josh Johnson is the only other QB that excites me, he is fun to watch. A dynamic talent. Otherwise just put the rest in a hat and pick one. I don't think anybody can predict how their careers will wind up.

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Michael Mixon (1/27/2008)
We need:

1) OL

2) DL

3) RB

4) MLB

5) QB

In that order. I haven't seen enough from Leftwich unlike many of you. Protect him, let him hand it off and pass off the play fake and we can win games with him until the better QBs start coming out in Stafford, Tebow, etc.

You have to consider the draft depth.

I like Corey Boyd as a fourth or fifth rounder.

We should probably take Sedrick since there is a big drop off after him at DT.

There is depth at OT in the draft TD will find value.

We could go for Dennis Dixon or Josh Johnson as a value proposition at QB.

I think the FO likes Flacco.

Don't forget safety as a need.

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muskokas finest (1/27/2008)
This draft smacks of the infamous Alex Smith/Aaron Rogers draft, except with more over-valued QB's. None of these guys is a top 5 pick. Atlanta needs an impact player on and off the field and that is Darren Mcfadden. Hope for a QB in the second cause that gives you the most bang for your drafting buck

But you have then ignored the lines, which the front office will not do

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