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Little Big Planet

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This game is really getting me interested, but after watching some videos and scanning over some previews, I don't understand what the **** the game is about and what you do. It looks like you just spawn a bunch of crap in a level and thats about it. It seems to be getting some hype. I just want to know what the **** it is! Can anybody give me a quick summary. Also, any online play? I got a LBP wallpaper on my computer and I don't know why, it just looks cool!

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It's a game where you create your own levels, and play levels created by others. When you buy the game, which will be released on the PS Store and on blu-ray for 40 dollars (at least the downloadable version), you will have dozens of developer-created levels that you can play off the bat. Now the levels are 2D (in terms of movement), but they give you a 3D feeling.

There are literally billions of combinations that you can implement to create your own levels.

There will be an entire section to the game where you can upload your levels onto Sony's servers and let people around the world try it out and rate it. It becomes like a YouTube service for video game levels. You can do the same with levels that people have uploaded too. You can download them, play them through, and rate them. Of course this will be free. This section will look like the Earth... and you can go around the world and download levels uploaded by people from various regions.

The physics are great, the visuals are great, and people dig the gameplay. You can literally spend hours upon hours either creating your own huge level, or play levels that others have uploaded.

You can have obstacles, enemies, etc.. You can also play a level with up to 3 other friends online. So you can go through it together, laugh at each other making mistakes, etc.. You can also customize your own character. That alone can take a few hours with all the options you have.

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