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Safety is one position that should be addressed via FA.

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I see a very good draft this year. I like a lot of the players on both lines, great RB depth, great WR depth, a lot of potential in non-1st round QBs, and excellent CB depth.

Two of the positions that I think are weakest are S and MLB. There are some pretty good safeties that will be available in FA, with the Wilsons (Eugene and Gibril) leading the way. Then there's a few MLBs to look at. Maybe Dansby, but Niko Koutouvides is worth a look as well.

If Atlanta wants to upgrade any starters at these positions, it will have to be FA, or an early draft pick. I can see a top 3 round pick on a MLB, like Mayo or Lofton for example, but there isn't very much at all that excites me at safety in this draft. I think it's in Atlanta's best interest to take advantage of the OL and DL in this draft (in addition to getting a QB) and stockpile anywhere from 4-6 picks there.

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There are a few guys at safety in this draft that I'd love to get. I would love to get Kenny Phillips, but obviously he's not going to be an option for us in the top 5.

Jamar Adams, Josh Barrett, Craig Steltz, Quintin Demps, Marcus Griffin, and Jonathan Hefney are solid prospects in my opinion.

Can't say I'm intrigued by the safety position in free agency, though... Bob Sanders was the only guy worth really getting excited about and I knew he'd never even come close to being a free agent, much less wear a Falcons jersey.

Gibril Wilson and Ken Hamlin may be worth a look if we feel we really need to address it after the draft, but I don't know... outside of Asante Samuel and Marcus Trufant, it's a pretty weak class of free agent DB's in general.

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These are probably to the two positions we'll have to look to the hardest in for a couple of "steals" because they ARE out there, there just unknown to the masses, guys like Haruki Nakamura out of Cincy....uh, Ezra Butler who projects as a middle or strongside linebacker out of Nevada...there's Beau Bell who i like personally...there the junior safety Dajuan Morgan out of NC State who's very unknown and most likely will be a starting S or FS safety on somebody's team by the end of next season...i mean, they just have to be discovered....uh, Boobie Williams out of Bethune-Cookman seems like he has the ability to be groomed into a starter...i hope Dimitrioff is as good as advertise 'cause he's got his work cut out for 'em!

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I actually think DeJuan Morgan is an intriguing prospect... but I just don't know enough about him to really know how to feel about him as a prospect.

It's going to be interesting to see how things are looking after the combine. So many questions are answered, but then a whole new set come up... so we'll have to see.

I really like Jamar Adams a lot. He's a ball hawk and really plays center field very very well.

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