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i will gladly say i am excited emmit thomas is still here and our Assistant HC

super bob

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Emmetts rehiring has been a stabilizing factor for me. Its good to see Bill Musgrave retained and Van Gorder being brought back. I am going to sit quietly on the fence for now concerning the coaching staff. I jumped hard on the last two regimes band wagons and now think that being a bit more practical and adopting a "Wait and see" attitude is best. I want our Falcons to be strong. And I also want us prepared, with enough personnel to get things done. Hopefully this staff can do it. I like the addition of the running backs coach. He did some great things in Indiana. Not good-UNREAL might be better said! LEts see what they put together in FA and in the draft and we can go from there.

But in as far as Emmetts return? Can't be anything but positive.

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I was stunned to hear the news about Coach Thomas, but VERY happy about it.

I only wish we could've kept Hue as our OC...

I was also glad to see that Coach Smith retained Coach Musgrave. The man can work wonders with a QB if there is any talent there at all (not the case with Harrington/Leftwich), and I'm excited to see what he can do with whoever it is we draft this season.

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I was real glad to see the Falcons retained Emmitt Thomas. In this day and age where

there is very little loyalty shown from coaches, players, and ownership this was

a class move.

Coach Thomas knows our players and has earned the respect in the Falcons' locker

room. It will help the lines of communication and his years of experience will continue

to be helpful. I really like his no excuses attitude and making sure his team takes

care of the basics, "block, tackle, follow assignments or protect the football".

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