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No quarterback so far this half has impressed


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uscg_kid (1/26/2008)
Henne Ok

Booty Horrible

Woodson Horrible

Flacco Horrible

Brennan Horrible

Flacco has no foot work and looks like he falls down sometimes when he walks

I agree with Henne, he was average.

Booty is the perfect QB for the WCO. He is very good at play action, and rolling out, he just lacks that super arm strength.

Woodson was indeed horrible. He didn't get help from the OL, but missed some wide-open WRs.

Flacco's footwork isn't great, but he's made some really good throws IMO. The one where he was backing up to avoid pressure, and gunned it into the WRs chest was very impressive. Not many QBs get away with that one.

Brennan wasn't good either.

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