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Just accept it for what it is.

swamp stomper

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Fodder for the press corps.

All of the pundits at several news outlets have, for the last few days, had a lot of fun at the Falcons expense. They count on us not having a very long memory.

Marcelus Wiley, Trey Wingo, Sean Salusbury, and others have all had a good laugh at our expense with the whole GM/HC search in Atlanta. ITO the whole Atlanta orginization is one big cluster ##### and will be bad for the forseeable future. True, Mr Blank has made some really dumb moves since he bought the team but, very few owners step in and make all the right decisions from the outset. But let's face it Jim Mora basicly fired himself with that stupid radio interview longing for the Huskies job, Vick's gambling and dog fighting convictions started a whole series of events that reached a climax with Petrino walking out on the team following the Monday night New Orleans game, none of these things had anything to do with Authur Blank. In fact, had he acted any diffrently to any of these events he would have really been ridiculed. As far as the un-godly contracts he has agreed to, and allowing McKay to make some less than wise personel decisions he is most unquestionably guilty, but as I said new owners make "new-owner" mistakes.

Now, he is making a direction change for this team, whether it is "THE" right change remains to be seen but he is trying. This time he has waited, much too long in the opinion of some here. He didn't go after the guy with the briefcase full of plays, and practice notes, he didn't go after the "hot" college guy, he hired a little known (outside football circles) football guy with the game ingrained into his personality. He didn't hire Scott Peoli but he got a young man that sat at the guys feet and studied how he does it.

Yeah, I guess to the talking heads we do seem to be a pretty funny bunch, a guy that looks like Wolverene as a GM and the forgettable Mike SMITH as HC. But I'll go to battle with these guys before I would with the whore Parcells any day because he only hangs around long enough to rub the new off the ##### and moves on.

Which brings me to another thought, why are we getting pounded in the press for our off-season moves and such disfunctional teams like the Dolphins, Redskins, Raiders, and Ravens get a pass? Think about it....they all have Lombardi Trophies in their lobby. And we all know the press don't mess with the lords of the ring. Are we any worse at this point than the Raiders? Al Davis is sending letters of resgnitation to his HC, what about the Redskins? Jim Zorn their new OC is hired before the HC is hired. The Ravens? Your telling me that John Harbaugh was a bigger catch than Mike Smith, if so then show me the reasons. The Dolphins? Oh yeah, the "New Jersey Don" Parcells has taken over the Miami family, brought in a Soprano (spelled Sprano) and his crew; and is gonna make Miami profitable again. Remember, the "Don" will do this thing for you but, one day...and that day may never come he may ask you for a favor.

Like I said earlier, the press counts on us Falcon fans having short memories, besides we are kind of like Wyoming in a Presidential election...there aren't that may of us so why worry about how we vote.

Stop reading and listrening to the ##### the guys are spreading and start studying your coaching staffs tactics, the GM's method of talent evaluation, and planning that first tailgate of the season and before you know it the Combine will be here then the draft, then Mini Camp, then TC, then Pre Season and on to opening day. If that don't get you fired up then go follow tennis.

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Another great critique. I don't watch TV news of any sort. With 24 hours a day to fill they will say and do anything to keep people watching. The days of Cronkrite and Jim McKay are gone. News is now another part of the circus. That is why most people are turning to the internet.

We are an easy target, we have a long history of futility and really if they ##### our tiny number off who cares.

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"The Dolphins? Oh yeah, the "New Jersey Don" Parcells has taken over the Miami family, brought in a Soprano (spelled Sprano) and his crew; .."

Classic, I love it. The Tuna Godfather was hated by all including Jerry Jones by the time he slinked out of Dallas here.

This will taste all the sweeter when we get back to the top of the mountain. When Reeves lost most games in the first half of 1997 and then took the team on a tear to the SB the next year, every Falcon fan felt just a bit higher than any other NFL fan can imagine, especially the spoiled here in North Texas

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