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Former Falcons who should be in the Hall of Fame


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Why can't these former Falcons get into the Hall of Fame?

Claude Humphrey. Sacks weren't a stat when he played, but he was one of the most dominant d-linemen of his time.

Jeff van Note. Based on playing at such a high level for such a long time he should have been in awhile ago. ****, Dwight Stephenson is in and he played 5 or 6 years.

Mike Kenn. Also played at a high level for a long time and was still near the top of his game when he retired. There are worse linemen in the Hall right now.

Jessie Tuggle. Was top 5 linebacker for all of his career. I am not sure if he is up for the HoF yet but he should get in.

Billy "White Shoes" Johnson. Made punt returner an important position on NFL teams.

Clay Matthews. Wasn't a Falcon for long, but he had a great career with Cleveland, and played forever at a high level.

Terence Mathis. If Lynn Swann, the most overated player in NFL history, is in the Hall of Fame then Mathis should be there too.

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The abomination is that Claude Humphrey is not even in the FALCONS ring of honor!! Once again, the NFL, the press, the average fan, even long time Falcons fans are consumed with Hype, not performance, which Claude, by every one whose played with him, knew him or knew what he did, could be THE all-time sack leader if not one of the all time leaders if the sack was counted as a stat at that time.

It's an ourtrage.

and Tommy Nobis not being in is A CRIME stain on the entire NFL community...always has been.

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Claude Humpherey has a been a finalist several times in recent years, but hasn't made it. I susect that he has the best chance.

Coach Emmitt Thomas is a finalist this year. I know that he didn't play here and won't therforebe going in for anything he has done as a falcon, but it will still be nice to see him get in. He was nominated by the Seniors' Panel, and the Seniors' Panel nominees rarely fail to be selected, so there is a very strong chance that he will be announced as a HOF'er next saturday.

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bigstack19 (1/26/2008)
I forgot about Nobis.

Unfortunately everybody else seems to have forgotten about him as well. If you saw him and Claude Humphrey play, it was a beautiful thing to behold.

Others that should be included are Mike Kenn, Jeff Van Note, White Shoes, Tuggle, and Morten Andersen. Deion will also be there, just not sure if he will want to go in as a Falcon or one of the other teams he played for.

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