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Interesting NFL Draft History


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I found this interesting. Here are some people who were drafted in the NFL Draft who made their names elsewhere.

Quinn Buckner 14th round 1976 by the Redskins. Well known Indiana basketball player.

Kirk Gibson 7th round 1979 by the Cardinals. Former MVP and All-Star with Dodgers and Tigers.

John Havlicek 7th round 1962 by Browns. Point Guard for great Boston Celtics teams.

K.C. Jones 30th round 1955 by Rams. Won titles as coach of Boston Celtics.

Gene Keady 19th round 1958 by Steelers. Legendary Purdue basketball coach.

Pat Riley 11th round 1967 by Cowboys. Won NBA titles as coach of Lakers and Heat.

Dave Winfield 17th round 1973 by Vikings. Hall of Fame Baseball player with Padres, Yankees, Blue Jays, and Twins. Also drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in NBA Draft.

Bill Goldberg 11th round 1990 by Rams. Made name as wrestler. One of only a handful of wreslers to hold both the WWE and WCW titles at some point in career.

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