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Difference between him & all the other OC's, he has everything to prove & HE WILL!!

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I post on here often, but I read the boards everyday, and I for one is very happy with the recent hires of Thomas Dimitroff, Mike Smith, Van Gorder, and Mularkey.Honestly i am not sold on Mularkey yet but yet i feel he has something to prove, and has completed his stage of a underdog OC. Although, Mularkey used to be the OC of one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. Under is tenure they had 10+ wins in all 3 season he was OC. Also, you know about the Inspector Gadget moniker, he also believes in a physical, punishing offense. Everyone who is complaining about the OL. Give it time the Falcons in 2-3 years will be able to hit teams in the mouth on Offense and Defense.

If people were labeling you a bust, wouldn't you do everything in your power to prove them wrong......? Wouldn't you redeem yourself as DJ Shockley will successfully do in this year of 2008.

Well believe it or not this is his first step to success & to reclaim that he is not a shadow behind already good quarterbacks, MARK MY WORDS.

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As a fan of the team -- we are all pulling for Mularkey to succeed.

If I remember correctly - when Mularkey was with the Steelers he had Bettis as the horse carrying the load. -- Bettis was also in his prime.

The big question is who could fill that role here??

I don't see a "Bettis 2" in this year's draft but maybe he can come up with something.

Finding that back will be the key along with improving the OL.

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