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Matt Ryan Scouting Report

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This is from scouts inc. GOING INTO THIS SEASON. There is no way you can convince me, based on his teams' overachieving season, that this guy is worth the #3-5 pick. I have an insider account, if you'd like to see any other scouting reports let me know, I'll post them here.

Strengths: Is tall enough to scan the entire field from within the pocket, reads defenses fairly well and generally finds the open man given enough time. Accurate, takes something off underneath passes and can lead receiver when throwing underneath. Puts good touch on downfield passes and flashes the ability to drop the ball in over coverage. Mobile enough to get outside the pocket and throws well on the run. Shows good poise, is a leader on the field and wants the ball in hands late in games. Appears to be adjusting to new offense well and can be an effective game manager.

Weaknesses: Doesn't have a cannon for an arm, doesn't put great zip on downfield passes and gets into trouble when tries to throw into tight coverage. Lacks ideal mobility, has some problems buying time in the pocket and doesn't always make sound decisions when the protection breaks down. Isn't going to make defenders miss, doesn't have great top-end speed and isn't a dangerous open field runner that can consistently pick up yards with feet. Though tough and willing to play through pain, sustained a high-ankle spring during the 2006 season opener, broke left foot during 2006 Virginia Tech game, underwent foot surgery in January and durability is a concern.

Overall: Ryan was redshirted for the 2003 season. During his first three seasons (2004-06) Ryan played in 26 games (18 starts) completing 419 passes on 693 attempts (60.5 percent) for 4,806 yards, 25 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Ryan missed one game in 2006 with a sprained ankle. The table is set for Ryan to have a big year because Boston College is expected to open up its offense and he has the accuracy as well as the smarts to excel in the new scheme. However, his lack of elite arm strength and mobility does put a cap on his upside. His potential to develop into an effective starter or above-average backup should make him a late first-day pick if he stays healthy and improves his decision making in the face of pressure.

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None of the QBs are top 10 picks in my opinion. Because the position is devoid of starting talent in the FA market teams will draft for need and reach for any of these guys. I personally think that Brohm is the most NFL ready ahead of Ryan and Woodson is a second day selection at best. I see some mocks with Woodson going in the first round and whoever gets him will have a "project" on their hands.

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