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Falcons land Mularkey as offensive coordinator


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Falcons land Mularkey as offensive coordinator


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 01/25/08

The Falcons have hired former Buffalo coach Mike Mularkey as offensive coordinator, the team announced Friday.

Mularkey comes to the Falcons from the Miami Dolphins, where he was offensive coordinator in 2006 and tight ends coach in 2007.

Mularkey coached the Bills in 2004-05 and compiled a 14-18 record. He was with the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1996-2003. He was tight ends coach for the first five seasons and offensive coordinator for the final three.

Hue Jackson, the Falcons offensive coordinator last season, remains under contract, but Mularkey's hiring signals Jackson's departure.

;) Its got to be real now.

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mbrizzle (1/25/2008)
nativefalcon (1/25/2008)
Glad we snubbed tampa bay out of a coach. :P

Uh..... Why?

Why? One tampa bay has crappy Tight ends, a they wanted him to coach that, did you want them to get better? 2. He besides being a offensive coordinator, was a ex-tight end and tight ends coach, which Guess what we have a GREAT tight end called Alge Crumpler, that Mularkey can use Crump instead of not use him like Petrino. ;)3. If you can screw tampa go for it, their are enemies. :P

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frankthetank966 (1/25/2008)
Can we still keep Jackson as WR coach or possibly Assistant HC? Just keep him! I like him.

Emmitt Thomas is asst HC.

Jackson is done. I doubt he accepts a demotion, and I think we brought in a WR coach...

My friend who is a Steelers fan thought Mularky was a good pickup.

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Smashmouth (1/30/2008)
J (1/28/2008)
is Mularkey better than Jackson?

NOT 4 Us imo.

I thought the offense wasn't bad once Jackson got to actually call the plays.

The offense wasn't bad, however the front office is.

What's the purpose of pulling up and old post just to re-iterate your already well-known sentiments of the front office and staff?

Smashmouth, you are a better poster than this, but your posts lately have turned into borderline agenda....

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