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Why VanGorder is a Good HIRE!

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First off, although I am not so keen on Brian VanGorder I have thought about it and feel he is a good hire for Mike Smith.

Here's why:

Brian VanGorder and Mike Smith coached together in Jacksonville and have a solid relationship from there jobs. VanGorder worked with the Falcons as a LB's coach and knows many of the players. VanGorder and Smith share a similar defensive mentality and have a good relationship. You may say who cares?!?!?! But guess what, Smith does not hire coaches based on who is the best available or by which coach would make the best "press conference." He hires coaches based on how much he likes them, how similar their schemes/minds are and obviously this is the case. You want a strong relationship b/t the coach and his coordinators. As we saw last year, this was not the case with Petrino and his coordinators. He had many issues with several of his coordinators, their minds/schemes were not similar and this hurt the team.

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