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Despite his negatives this is why i want to draft Beau Bell in the 3rd....


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Rebels linebacker Bell gets honors

By Adrian Bradley, Contributing Writer

Published on December 6, 2007

Scroll your eyes across the various nameplates on the lockers in the UNLV Rebels football locker room and it s easy to distinguish the stars. They typically occupy two lockers, not one. And between the countless invitations to post-season all-star games, extra clothes, shoes and iPod speakers, their sheer quantity of stuff exceeds that of their teammates.

It s a status thing.

For the Rebels, Jeremy Geathers doubles up. So do Mil Von James, Tony Cade and Fauo Faga. It s a wonder to some that Beau Bell doesn t show up to the facility every day mad that he s not among such names. Considering he just finished the best season of his four-year career as a Rebel and is usually associated with former UNLV stars such as Jamal Brimmer, Eric Wright and Randall Cunningham he seems most deserving of such benefits.

But when asked why he has only one locker, Bell says, Because I m not a star, bro.

Yeah, sure. Bell has never been more of a star, with 126 tackles and five forced fumbles for a team that won on games after a 2-3 start. Then the blustering linebacker adds, I m just an average linebacker. And he s not laughing or smiling at all. His face is blank, making it hard to interpret how he really feels.

While Geathers entertains the Rebels with his unprecedented stand-up comedy, Bell tends to keep to himself quiet and focused until he hits the field. He ll pound his chest to the sideline after a great tackle, or hang his head when he misses one, but he won t give the guys in the locker room a peak into his game-day rituals.

Geathers believes Bell doesn t want anyone to know his secret.

He doesn t talk much about it, Geathers said. Well, whatever his rituals are, they seem to be working.

The best evidence of Bell s hard work is hidden deeply in his lone locker, under some old practice cleats and Tustin High School sweat pants. While eating Subway in front of his locker on a recent Tuesday afternoon, Bell reaches down into his locker and pulls out a four-inch-thick notebook. He flips it open to a section labeled 2007 game plans and goals.

Inside are pages of scouting notes he jotted down during his numerous private film sessions throughout the course of the season.

Not even James, whose lockers are next door, knew that Bell broke down the films in such detail until the cornerback borrowed his notebook one day last season.

I just do it this way because it s easier for me to understand, Bell said. Nobody knows who I am and the things I do to prepare.

Building up to each week s game, Bell jots down tendencies of his opponents and writes down three or four goals, one of which is always Make plays!

The most extensive note came before playing San Diego State on Nov. 10, Bell s last time playing at home in front of UNLV Rebel fans. His goals were: Make this a game to remember. Stay on my grind. Don t let up.

Bell did not disappoint. In the first half, he made history by becoming second in career tackles at UNLV with 297. In the second half, he continued his All-American season by making an amazing play on a receiver to grab his fourth interception of the season all of which have come in the last four games. He then lateraled the ball to James who returned the turnover 31 yards. Bell finished with nine tackles, a total moving him from 10th to sixth on the Mountain West Conference all-time list.

Beau Bell is anything but regular. He is the coaches example of a blue-collar worker. He is not flashy, he just knows how to get the job done, said sophomore safety Ryan Tillman.

I see myself making plays before they happen, Bell said. I try to visualize the game and situations I might be in and how I would react.

Bell also has high expectations for himself. He doesn t like to miss tackles.

He is very in tune to what is going on, said Jason Beauchamp who is set to replace Bell next season. He is always well prepared for games and I think that s what gives him confidence.

Bell will be off to the NFL soon, making an upgrade from the metal chair in front of his locker to a fully wooden furnished locker three times the size as the one he has now. He ll have some cleaning to do before he leaves the locker room for good. A FedEx envelope of senior bowl invitations are overflowing and flooding into James s space. No matter how many things Bell collects, you will never hear him ask for another locker.

I m just like everybody else. I just want to win games and make plays. I don t need a big locker to do that.

Editor s Note: Adrian Bradley is a member of the UNLV football team

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