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new mock post senior bowl practices...


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With the senior bowl practices over and our new coach in place i see things going way different than my previous mocks.

First i say we make a hard push and sign Micheal Turner.

1-OT Jake Long-instant upgrade to the oline.

2-QB Brian Brohm-Brohm drops because of flacco emergance.

2-DT Red Bryant-Size just like smith likes in his dts

3-OT Carl Nicks-Massive tackle to give oline more help

3-MLB J Leman-Good speed and size

4-S Roger Williams-Speed could be a starter by 09

5-OG Mike Fladell-good size to help depth

6-K Brandon Coutu-hes good.

7-RB Thomas Brown-Potential if he can get past injuries

7-OLB Scott Derry-depth with dmo gone.

3rd for kerney 7th for rossum.

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grendel (1/25/2008)
I'm not liking the Long + Nicks combination... Both will be RT's IMO.

I'd rather get Ellis with our top pick and see who's available at our 2nd 2nd round pick instead of Red Bryant... Maybe Anthony Collins from Kansas?

I was just typing this same thing. Sedrick Ellis or Glenn Dorsey in the 1st and an OT in the 2nd will give us more bang for our buck. A see either Gosder Cherilus or Sam Baker being available in the 2nd, and Ellis/Baker > Long/Bryant.

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grendel (1/25/2008)

Any idea why? He's got good numbers, and I haven't seen anything about him punching strippers or anything...

first off, LOL at the reply....

regarding Leman, I have no idea why. His numbers are good, and I liked what I saw of him in clips. He just seems to be free falling in rankings. I know that doesnt mean too much come draft day, but he is really falling in the rankings consistantly it seems.

I heard a bit ago him being considered a 3rd -5th rounder, now he doesnt even seem to grace the top 100-150 of alot of these scout sites. I would take a 5th - 7th round flier on him myself, but I am no pro.

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Robert Woodham (1/25/2008)
Long is a LT things always kind of get muttled up this time of year. GMs do not want to tip their hands about where they grade prospects and who it is they are really after. Long will be a very good tackle in this league for a long time if he stays healthy.

I agree 100% and dont see him falling past the 5th pick in any situation.

I have been hearing more "Long is being over analyzed" lately. Remember some said he could have challenged JT for the top OT taken last season.

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