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Since you decided to multi-topic this stupid thing.. ill copy and paste

Joe Flacco = Andrew Walter v2.0 .... got all the tools but cant handle the pressure... couldn't handle Pittsburgh or another D-1 school... transfered to a crappy division... and wasn't even the best QB in D2 bowl sub division... im sorry.. but this guy is so over hyped its not even funny

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grendel (1/25/2008)

You're crazy. Flacco is much higher quality than those guys... you can directly compare them in their Senior Bowl performances.

If by higher you mean taller.

Flacco has hardly done anything in this short week to make him an all of a sudden elite prospect.

Certainly not over Andre Woodson who has as many TDs THIS SEASON as Flacco has in his ENTIRE CAREER

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grendel (1/25/2008)

Meanwhile you've got Mayock ranking the QBs and putting Flacco #1 and Woodson #6.

Woodson has lost himself a lot of money this week... almost as much as Flacco has made for himself.

STinks for him but great for whatever team that steals him.

Mayock the Matt Ryan/BC Homer didn't mention this:

MOBILE, Ala. -- All three South team quarterbacks have struggled during Senior Bowl week, and none more than Kentucky's Andre' Woodson, a former first-round prospect whose draft stock is free-falling right now. Woodson certainly deserves much of the blame for his own struggles but according to two different scouts we've spoken to this week new 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Martz is a big part of the problem as well.

Martz has apparently attempted to mold Woodson, Hawaii's Colt Brennan (Hawaii) and Tennessee's Erik Ainge into proper fits for his system in only a four-day period. In doing so, Martz has tinkered with their footwork on drops and timing as passers.

Martz's system, which features many deep timing routes, emphasizes delivery quickness and accuracy when throwing blindly to a spot from its quarterbacks, while de-emphasizing the velocity of throws. For example, a typical comeback route runs 18 yards back to 15 yards, with the quarterback throwing to a spot one or two yards in front of the receivers' break.

Martz, on the other hand, likes 22-yard comebacks routes with the quarterback releasing the ball four yards in front of the receivers' break. No one can question the effectiveness of his system in the NFL, but it is a system that definitely takes more than four days of practice to master.

While none of the three quarterbacks have adjusted well given such a short period of time, the system suits Brennan and Ainge far better than it does Woodson. Like the many pro quarterbacks to have success in Martz's scheme at the next level -- such as Kurt Warner, Mark Bulger and Jon Kitna -- Brennan and Ainge have relatively quick releases and are used to delivering the ball to a spot in order to mask their lack of ideal arm strength. Woodson, meanwhile, has a slower delivery but is often able to make up for that by getting outstanding zip on his throws.

In an attempt to adjust to Martz's system, Woodson is focusing on speeding up his drop and getting the ball out of his hands quicker, but doing so with less velocity on his throws. As a result, the hitch in Woodson's delivery looks even more pronounced and his accuracy is suffering. Essentially, Martz has unintentionally highlighted Woodson's weaknesses while masking his strengths.

This by no means excuse all of Woodson's accuracy issues this week, but it does help explain why Woodson has not been the same quarterback here in Mobile that we saw on film throughout his career at Kentucky. He has to bounce back and regain his confidence in time to put on strong showings at the combine and during individual workouts.

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