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Does it bother anyone that Van Gorder stated that he is a college guy?


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He states that whenever he changes ranks. He really is just like Petrino. Players were never approached by him, his system failed so he bailed(at GSU), he's always looking for another place to go.

But after watching him jump around I do believe his heart is in the pros.

- He left UGA to be a linebackers coach in Jax

- He left GSU for be a linebackers coach in Atl

- I think he jumped to USC for job security reasons

- He came back to the pros for the opportunity

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Chiropractor (1/25/2008)
Regardless of his resume. Regardless of whether or not you are a UGA, or Georgia Southern fan.

Doesn't it bother you that he just screwed Steve Spurrier and USC, just like Bobby Petrino screwed us?

He stated that he was meant to be in college!!

This is the only reason I don't like this hire.

Wah! Wah! Wah! You people would B_I_T_C_H about a rock if you could. I think you been B_I_T_C_H_I_N for so long, that's all you know how to do!!!

Get a life and try to look at something positively for a change. You'll live longer and it doesn't hurt...:P

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no, it does not bother me........he just got hired as South Carolina's DC when someone asked him that question - what is he supposed to say?

..."ummmm, no - I accepted this job to be USC's defensive coordinator but I am really a "pro" guy and will bolt at first opportunity".

Remember, VanGorder left prestigious job at UGA as DC to be LB coach for the Jags. If that does not show he wants to be a "pro" guy then I don't know what will prove it to you...

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