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Tampa 2

Knight of God

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Not many Falcons fans seem to know much about it considering that we've never really used it as our base. It focuses on aggressiveness, speed, and attitude. This typically also causes the defense to be undersized. Those nose tackle would have to be pretty good at tackling and the other three DLinemen would have to be pretty good at pass rushing. The LB corps would have to be quick, agile, and have descent coverage skills while the corners would have to be aggressive and full of venom covering the middle. The safeties would go deep often.

Tampa 2...


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Corsair (1/25/2008)

I don't have the energy for this tonight.

I'm not sure what Corsair would of liked to have said BUT

Guys Smith had 2 big DT in the middle of his line at Jacksonville both were 320+

Just because 1 team runs a defense one way doesn't mean all others will.

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