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Saw Presser and am punped...


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We FINALLY have the correct pieces of the puzzle to win here in ATL. Why because TD and MS now want to prove themselves to us, the team and the NFL.

I work in management (don't judge a manager who posts at work...lol), and my first real managment roll from when I went to Asst. to the main guy...I was excited, and a lil bit scared, but its that feat of failure that kept me on my game.

I ended up winning in that job and moving onto bigger and better things. In my opinion I see TD and MS wanting to do the same thing, especially with the Falcons who unfortunatley have a bad reputation right now. If they right this ship they will be heroes.

Also, pair up TD and MS and their great talent evaluation skills with the deep pockets Blank has shown over the years, and there is no reason NOT to be pumped up.

Imagine if Blank had REAL skilled Talent Evaulators to listen to when he was $$ money, maybe we could have saved on Price, Hartwell, or Reese.

I also loved when Smitty said.

"You guys had a rough season....THAT IS DONE. I am now focused on 08"


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