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New Sign on the Dome's Front Door - - "Patience Please"


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Personally, I am neither excited nor upset about the hiring of Dimitroff or Smith or the possible hiring of Van Gorder - its an interesting trend (and it will be interesting to see if it extends to OC) of giving people an opportunity to move up the ladder - as someone said, none of these hires win the press conference, but all of these guys are football lifers

now, for us the fans, comes the hard part - patience

this team, however it is finally constituted, cannot turn things around in one season - Dimitroff does not strike me as a guy to go out and run up a Redskins type free agency buying spree - they are going to build this team from the ground up - I think the base is there in quality young players (Blaylock, White, Lewis, Boley, Houston, etc), but obviously there is a lot of work to be done to make this roster younger and better. It is going to take time.

It is not fair to judge this team based on next years results, or even the year after. While I hope they start getting better results immediately, I think you have to realistically give this team 3 years to see if they can build and run this team

I am cautiously optimistic, but we all must show PATIENCE to see if this will work.

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