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The UnOfficial Live Confrence Discussion Thread

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TD talking.. saying we could have waited until after Superbowl for several people from both teams but felt it was best to go with Smith

SAying Mike Smith knows a lot about football bla bla, has a plan in order, sets high standard, introduces Smith

Smith is up there now, lookin older than he is, saying thanks to everyone, he's excited. Falcons search committee is was very organized and thoughtful and had a great interview process

Thrilled to be a part of the Atlanta Falcons, thinks there are a number of positive things already going on and there is nowhere to go but up.

Emmit Thomas is staying and will be assistant HC :)

They are going through process of putting staff together now, he feels like it will be done in 4-5 days and they will make announcements at appropriate time.

First and Foermost we have to be able to stop the run defensively. Have to be able to run well on offense. (bye Dunn?) Once you run well you open up better ways to stretch the field with the pass. Defensively it starts with the guys up front. Have to have a strong defensive line. He likes a lot of attacking style coverage that allows players to play to their strengths

Have to have character football players (bye dhall? joking :P) Talent wise he feels it's very even in the NFL, so often it comes down to the last 2 minutes of the game and the guys with the most character will have best opportunity to win? lol

He is committed to making this football team one of the most competitive in the NFL (good luck)

He looking forward to working w/ TD to put together our roster. He and TD mesh well

Question about Jack Del Rio calling plays instead of Smith, He said he and jack and other defensive coaches put game plan together and Smith made the calls on Sunday and it will be the same here, our DC will be making the calls on Sunday, HC has too much responsibility to run the game

In JAX all the coaches were very involved in scouting future players

Blank was impressed that Smith was very involved in personell

Question about motivating the players after last year's shittiness. He said past is the past and he's concerned about the future. He is very open and personable and likes to have open door policy relationships with the players. He visited some of the players already (Abraham) and he plans on visiting more and talk about what's been going on and evaluate what to do in the future

What does he think he does best? Smith says he's very analytical in terms of breaking down tape and has good communnication skills

Was he aware that he was a finalist for head coach? (stupid question lol) He said he was focused on JAX playing and he because aware he was a candidate late and he had a good meeting with the selection committee but he was preparing for JAX playing and that's what was mostly on his mind (I would hope so)

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Dr John Zoidberg (1/24/2008)
Has open door policy to players.

Plans to visit with all players and talk about what happened last year.

Has ANY coach ever stated that he did not have an open door policy! Ummmm my philosphy is to isolate myslef from the players and avoid their whining. :)

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