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Speaking of our Defense in 2007


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Was our scheme in 2007 just wrong on both sides of the ball?

I know now that Petrino was lost in the NFL..

BVG wanting to leave so fast told me he had no confidence in Zimmer.

If Smitty is planning to run a D that BVG can work with will it be an improvemnet over something that just wouldn't work?

Maybe Zimmer's overall plan just wasn't that good.

I hope that Smitty can bring some of that karma he showed in Jax up here. I said all season that I thought that Jamaal Anderson wasn't being utilized to his best capabilities.

anyone want to be optimistic with me and give these guys a fair shot, hey, right now some optimism is all we got.

Right now, I hope that Coach Smitty can draft us some players and get this thing on the road.

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After Zim got rid of Grady Jackson, I lost confidence about the way he ran the defense. It also says alot about his handling (or mishandling) of veterans, especially a veteran that was our best guy on the d-line.

And like a fool, I once believed that Grady was becoming a problem. It was Zimmer and Petrino.

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i thought our D played fairly Decent and the inability of the O to do squat was usually (but not always) the reason for losing.

Also - YOU CANNOT HAVE A NOSE TACKLE MAKING UP PLAYS ON HIS OWN. Grady was doing his own thing out there and NOT doing his assignments - i.e. choosing holes/gaps. that sets the whole Defense up to fail and is unacceptable on any football team - from rec ball to the NFL.

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